Why we can not use other payment methods like; Amazon Pay, PayPal or Venmo?

Stripe is the payment provider for Amazon. More importantly 90% of adults in the U.S. have bought from businesses using Stripe. They also the best payment provider in the business. Stripe is the best for independent and small businesses like us. Their founders and management team are open minded, helpful and true geniuses. You can see that when you conduct business with them crystal clear. Their team are there whenever we need them, day or night, in seconds.

I saw your name Livonetti for the first time. Can I trust your company?

Yes, exactly. We are Florida based fashion business for women, men and kids. We formed our LLC int the late 2019 in the south-west side of the state. Our full address is on our landing page and our "About Us" page. We've been legally known by;

1) Internal Revenue Service(IRS) for our Employer Identification Number(EIN) and pay our related taxes.

2) Florida Department of State Division of Corporations where we formed our company and file our Annual Report.

3) Florida Department of Revenue where we got our Sales and Use Tax Returns, Certificates and Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax.


So you can trust us and continue to your first purchase with us with peace of mind.

I saw your payment partner Stripe for the first time. Can I trust them too?

Yes, for sure. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. To accomplish this, they make sure to use of best-in-class security tools, private encryption and practices to maintain a high level of security at Stripe.

You can also trust their encrypted system and securely continue your usual Livonetti experience with ease. Read more about Stripe and Livonetti payment privacy.

When will I be charged for my order?
We’ll charge your payment when you order your item.

Can I pay with a credit card issued outside of the US?
Yes, credit cards issued by banks from select countries and regions can be used on your order as long as you have a US shipping address.

Can I split my payment between multiple credit cards?
Unfortunately, you can not split your payments. You can only use one credit/debit card or ACH Credit Transfer per order.

Can I buy or pay with a Livonetti gift card?

Yes, you can buy with your gift card. You can also buy multiple gift cards to your loved ones as a sign of love or to your professional staff as a reward or to honor them.

Can you tell me more about Stripe and Livonetti business partnership?

Millions of companies in over 120 countries from startups to Fortune 500s like Amazon, Google and Spotify use Livonetti's payment partner Stripe to run their businesses. Here are some of the world wide known businesses that they work with:


Stripe Business Partners


That's why we have partnered with them and their secure, trustworthy and encrypted payment system so that you can securely and easily purchase everything you want fast and continue to your usual Livonetti experience.


(*) If you want to learn more about Stripe's Security, please click Security at Stripe which you will be directed to their website 

Stripe and Shopify logos


Our website also secured and encrypted by Shopify. So Number 1 priority for us is your payment information's privacy, safety and security.


Locked icon of next to


When you check your lock icon next to "" on your browser means your information with us is encrypted and secured.

So when it comes to make your purchase, you can securely use any of these online banking services with your credit or debit card:


  • American Express
  • Apple Pay | Easily pay with your Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad and other devices.
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • ACH Credit Transfer: Bank credit transfer confirmation: 2-3 business days in the US.
    Livonetti Payments